Why This Lesser Known Caribbean Island is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Why This Lesser Known Caribbean Island is Becoming Increasingly Popular

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When travelers think of the Caribbean, popular vacation spots such as Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Turks and Caicos may come to mind. But there is one destination that is becoming increasingly popular this year. That place is Dominica – a beautiful island nation of natural wonders located between Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Aerial view of dominica with atlantic and caribbean ocean almost touching each other

It’s Easy To See Why Dominica Tourism Is Surging

Dominica is a country, like many others, that saw declining tourism numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now in 2023, tourism is booming and gaining national attention as a top destination for travelers to add to their list. Even A-list movie stars are spending their downtime in the Dominican sun! Two of the popular movies of the Pirates of the Caribbean series were filmed here too!

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It’s not hard to see why Dominica is going through a surge. Known as Nature Island, tourists love the endless sights and sounds nature has to offer. Even the main airport in the small capital city of Roseau welcomes passengers with a flowing river. Now that American Airlines offers a direct route from the U.S., Dominica is more accessible than ever!

Dominica takes a lot of pride in their natural resources and sustainability efforts. Those who come here will find many eco-lodges and resorts, allowing guests to experience nature in an extraordinary way.

Dominica Has Every Reason To Go Outside

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dominica hiking trail

Travelers looking for a reason to be in nature should be no other place than Dominica. One of the many reasons this island of 72,000 residents is unique is the many reasons to be outside in nature.

Dominica is the only Caribbean country with a walking trail going the entire length of the island. Divided into 14 segments, the long 115-mile Waitukubuli National Trail is a great way to spend time outdoors. Some travelers spend days attempting to conquer the full distance, while others go at their own leisurely pace. Either way, this one-of-a-kind trek has become a highlight for many Dominican tourists.

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Adventurous travelers also love taking on the challenging hike to the second-largest Boiling Lake in the world. Just as it sounds, this body of water is a cauldron in the sky with amazing views of waterfalls and lush green rainforests. At a peak of 2600 feet, most hikers hire a guide to ensure the best experience. A protected World Heritage site, outdoor enthusiasts say this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

man at waterfall in dominica

Nature lovers in Dominica SHOULD go chasing waterfalls! With numerous sights throughout the island, those looking for a nice, relaxing swim or simply the best spot to take a selfie for the ‘Gram will have plenty to choose from. Visitors have raved about Emerald Pool – a postcard-worthy waterfall with a private swimming hole if sightseers time it right.

Another popular attraction is Trafalgar Falls. Said to be set in a ‘Jurassic Park atmosphere’ in the rainforest, this beautiful destination is easy to reach. Just 20 minutes at most from the Capitol, travelers say these waterfalls are inexcusable for anyone to miss out on. One of the best reasons to go is the fact that visitors can take a dip in the cool pool waters and then hop in the warm springs just a short walk away.

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Exotic Underwater Excursions

Those who love to explore the sea are thrilled to experience what Dominica has to offer. Beginners or advanced divers will all find their place.  The most popular place to snorkel and dive at any skill level is the easily accessible Champagne Reef.

diver in dominica

Dominica’s volcanic thermal springs send bubbling water to the surface, living up to its name as Champagne Reef. Some have said it’s like swimming in Ginger Ale, without becoming a sticky mess of course! Recent visitors have said witnessing the exotic marine life in the warm waters creates an unforgettable memory. From the variety of colorful corals to a few lucky travelers encountering dolphins and sea turtles, the low price of admission is beyond worth it.

Pristine Black Sand Beaches

black sand beach in dominica

A highlight for many vacationers in Dominica are the black sand beaches. Volcanic activity over the years has created a truly magnificent natural wonder.

A favorite of both tourists and locals, Mero Beach, is one of the few with amenities. Those who have visited recently love the laid-back atmosphere and cheap prices of the Mom & Pop bars and restaurants to enjoy the ocean breeze and surrounding green scenery.

@thoughtful.travel Honestly a lifetime sacred moment to witness a nest of green turtle hatchlings set off on their life’s voyage! And the raw beauty of the cliff-backed, black sand beach at Rosalie Bay in Dominica is the perfect setting. Shout out to Judy & Simon, the turtle wardens, for all their work to protect this beautiful species! #turtles #babyturtles #greenturtle #dominica #natureisle #natureisletofthecaribbean🇩🇲 #caribbean #blacksandbeach #rosaliebay@discoverdominica @embracedominica #fyp ♬ Buga (Lo Lo Lo) – Kizz Daniel & Tekno

Beachgoers claim the sand on Mero Beach is so fine and easy to walk on that flip-flops can be left at the hotel.  If those who visit this beach do bring any belongings, visitors should feel comfortable leaving them in plain sight. Crime is a rarity, so tourists can feel at ease going for a swim in the Caribbean blue waters or enjoying a long walk to take in the sunset.

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