This Airport Has The Fastest Growing Passenger Traffic In The World

This Airport Has The Fastest Growing Passenger Traffic In The World

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With travel fully rebounded in 2023, many airports worldwide are continuing to see explosive growth as demand for travel continues to increase and new flights are added.

While the passenger traffic for most airports declined sharply in 2020, it’s been picking up since, and some airports have even surpassed their pre-2020 levels.

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These are the top ten airports with the fastest-growing passenger traffic in 2023, according to data from aviation analytics company Cirium.

Which Airport Has The Fastest Growing Passenger Traffic?

Coming in at number one is Cancún, Mexico, whose airport has seen a whopping 37{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} increase in passengers since Q1 of 2019.

Cancún has seen incredible growth in recent years, setting a record of 30 million visitors in 2022 thanks to its beautiful beaches, established tourism infrastructure, and frequent flights with more than 500 inbound arrivals per day.

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There are currently over 38 cities in the United States with nonstop flights to Cancún, making it an extremely popular getaway for American travelers.

Of course, this hasn’t been without growing pains. The influx of visitors to Cancún put a strain on infrastructure recently, when thousands of travelers were forced to walk to the airport after roadwork caused traffic jams and delays.

However, despite some issues, Cancún remains a popular tourist destination that is only continuing to grow. Cancún is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, great resorts, an abundance of dining and nightlife, and easy access to other tourist sites like the Chichén Itzá ruins.

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What Other Airports Have Seen Growth This Year?

While Cancún International Airport has seen the highest percentage of growth by a long shot, many other airports worldwide have seen double-digit percentage increases in passenger traffic too.

Here’s a look at more of the fastest-growing airports in the world right now:

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Miami International Airport

With a 23{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} increase in passengers from Q1 of 2019 to now, Miami is another airport that is experiencing major growth at the moment.

Miami is an extremely popular vacation destination itself, with great beaches, shopping, dining, and nightlife. But the Miami airport also serves as a gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, which is why it has seen so much growth in recent years.

Miami is a major hub for American Airlines, Avianca, Frontier Airlines, and LATAM.

Miami International Airport

Cairo International Airport

Another city whose airport is rapidly expanding is Cairo, Egypt. Cairo International Airpot has also seen a 23{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} increase in passenger traffic since Q1 of 2019.

Cairo International Airport (CAI) is the busiest airport in all of Africa, seeing more than 20 million passengers in 2022, a new record.

The airport serves as a hub for Egypt Air and is a gateway to much of Africa and the Middle East.


Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport (IST) is already the seventh-busiest airport in the entire world, and it’s only continuing to grow, with an increase of 22{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} in passenger traffic since Q1 of 2019.

The airport is the main hub for Turkish Airlines, which operates flights to more than 200 destinations.

Istanbul itself is a tourist destination that’s growing in popularity, and the city also remains a gateway to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia due to its unique geography straddling two continents.

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Other Airports Experiencing High Growth

Here are the rest of the top ten airports in the world by increased passenger growth, with the percentage increase in passenger traffic from Q1 of 2019 until now:

  • Bogotá (BOG): 21{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} growth
  • Las Vegas (LAS): 20{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} growth
  • Chongqing (CKG): 19{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} growth
  • Zhengzhou (CGO): 18{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} growth
  • Orlando (MCO): 16{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} growth
  • Sao Paulo (CGH): 16{c5466d9839d9660ad83a95a07074dd6b0a7efe56d69bf04927ce209c5d4dfaeb} growth

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