Red Mountain … From Above And From Within

Red Mountain … From Above And From Within

… a preferred volcanic cone in the San Francisco Volcanic Discipline is Red Mountain … it is a wonderful cone and the east dealing with facet of the cone was blasted out a quite prolonged time back. Just one risk is that drinking water was trapped in the facet of the cone leading to a large explosion when the trapped h2o was super heated to steam. It is also easy to entry getting just a mile or so off to the west side of SR 180 likely north out of Flagstaff and 20 or so miles outside of Snow Bowl. Click on on the link earlier mentioned to browse far more about it … and you will also see one more 1 of my aerial pictures of the mountain. Several thanks to Arizona Geological Study for the operate that they do and the lots of images of mine that they use.

The amphitheater that was established is gorgeous and it is an simple hike to get into it … towering hoodoos in all places … the shot below is of my buddy Bob in the Purple Mountain amphitheater. Bob was a soaring pilot and retired professor of geology … he was one particular of several geologists and earth science persons who have mentored me on the geology of northern Arizona. What as soon as appeared like a barren landscape, came alive and reveals millions of yrs of earths background … it is interesting to go back in time even though earth continues to evolve.

In the photograph, Bob is down in the amphitheater the place the tall pine trees are in the the lower portion of the leading photograph … it is hundreds of feet to the top and this photograph presents you an strategy of the scale. Early morning is the most effective time to visit it for pictures as it faces east and is in shadow later in the day.

A further superb day is shut and I know the new day now begun will be excellent also … it is usually my choice that it be so, and it helps make the day so considerably additional enjoyable to travel by way of!



I do not comprehend this earth,
This universe of daily life and expansion and demise.
I do not damn the Maker, expressing however
Inside myself that definitely all is well.
The myriad stars shine nightly in the sky,
The earth yields forth her budding brood in spring,
And usually dawn and midday and dark thrive
Volcanoes burst and flooding rains descend,
And sprigs shoot forth exactly where barren winter lay
The piping winds certain by means of the bending trees,
And withered leaves once again return to earth
Delicate lips increase difficult and tresses gold turn gray
Sweet babes are born, and stooping aged men
Depart into the comfortable and silent evening.
And not one jot of all this can I change.

excerpt from The Process by Max Ehrmann



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