Best travel camera for 2023: top choices for your adventures

Best travel camera for 2023: top choices for your adventures

Editor’s note: April 2023

If you can’t justify buying a new travel camera like the ones below, then it’s well worth considering second-hand options. Many of the models in our list below, like the OM System OM-5 and Fujifilm X-T30 II, have predecessors that are still very capable and come with price tags that give you the breathing space to buy them with a high-quality prime lens.

For example, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III can be found on reputable sites like MPB for almost half the price of the OM-5. The Fujifilm X-T20, meanwhile is one of the best-value travel cameras around at its current second-hand prices of around $430 / £430. Both the Micro Four Thirds system and Fujifilm’s X-mount have some excellent, affordable prime lenses that can also be found on the used market.

Buying new does still come with advantages, like the latest autofocus systems, stronger burst-shooting powers and the latest software and firmware. But if you aren’t able to buy new, our list below does also serve as a good guide to the best second-hand travel cameras, if you check out their predecessors.

Mark Wilson, Cameras editor

If your next big trip is worthy of a postcard, one of the best travel cameras should find a space in your carry-on. These portable tools are designed to capture sharp results on the move, whether you’re shooting in the city or zooming on safari. Many can also record crisp video of your trips, with connectivity options that make it simple to share the results with friends and family.

We think the best travel camera for most people right now is the OM System OM-5. It pairs smartphone-beating image quality with the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, and packs it all up in a shell that’s weatherproof and portable. It also treats travel photographers to clever computational modes, as well as in-body image stabilization for steady shots without a tripod.