Avelo scuba system moves buoyancy control into a high-tech air tank

Avelo scuba system moves buoyancy control into a high-tech air tank

Whilst scuba divers may perhaps look to be “as cost-free as a fish,” they are basically loaded down with fairly a little bit of equipment. The Avelo Procedure is created to aid in that regard, as it moves the operation of their buoyancy compensator into their air tank, generating the previous unneeded.

Ordinarily – along with a wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel – divers have on tools that includes a compressed air tank, regulator, weight belt and buoyancy compensator unit (BCD).

The latter takes the type of a massive inflatable yoke-like vest, which is utilized to manage neutral buoyancy. If the diver needs to increase their buoyancy, they transfer a little bit of air from their tank to the BCD – they minimize their buoyancy by purging air from the BCD into the h2o.

As an air tank gets to be significantly vacant through the course of a dive, it becomes much more buoyant. Releasing air from the BCD allows divers compensate, whilst they also demand a good amount of weight on their belt to support maintain them from popping up to the floor.

The Avelo Method is claimed to get rid of the will need for a BCD, and to tremendously decrease the amount of weights expected. It truly is also explained to make sustaining neutral buoyancy significantly easier.

The Avelo System should be commercially available in 2024
The Avelo System must be commercially readily available in 2024


The set up however incorporates a tank, but that tank is made up of a carbon fiber shell with an expandable air bladder inside. An electric pump and purge valve are located to 1 aspect of the tank, when a battery is located to the other. All of the elements are mounted on a backpack-type system, as is the circumstance with conventional scuba tanks and BCDs.

Ahead of a dive, the air bladder is crammed by means of a conventional compressor, up to a tension of 4,350 psi (300 bar). At that place, the bladder fills the inside of the tank. As soon as the diver is in the water and ready to descend, they steadily pump water into the tank. The bladder compresses up to the prime of the tank as it’s displaced by the h2o at the bottom – at the identical time, the included drinking water tends to make the tank heavier, and therefore significantly less buoyant.

As the dive progresses and the air in the bladder is eaten, the diver basically pumps in far more drinking water to offset the expanding buoyancy. On the other hand, if they want to boost their buoyancy, they just purge some of the water from the tank.

The Avelo System's air bladder should last for at least 85,000 cycles
The Avelo System’s air bladder ought to last for at least 85,000 cycles


Alongside with its other selling points, the Avelo Process is claimed to let divers keep down lengthier, as some of their air offer isn’t really remaining diverted into a BCD. The absence of a BCD need to also make them more streamlined, enabling them to go by the h2o with a bit less effort and hard work.

We are told that just one charge of the battery need to be very good for 7 to 10 dives by an seasoned person, or 3 to four dives by a person who’s even now learning. Need to the battery run out through a dive, there will reportedly be no fast effect, while the diver will progressively grow to be a lot more buoyant – at a amount of about 1 lb (.5 kg) every 15 to 20 minutes – as they eat the air in the tank.

Needless to say, the Avelo Process isn’t the form of factor that folks really should just acquire and determine out on their personal. For that purpose, the Avelo corporation is now inviting intrigued events to sign up for just one of its coaching classes in Maui, which will take position through following 12 months. Industrial availability need to adhere to in 2024 – pricing will be “competitive with standard scuba methods.”

There is much more information and facts in the video clip underneath.

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