Are any of the couples from Love Island USA season 1 still together?

Are any of the couples from Love Island USA season 1 still together?

Attention reality TV fans, we’ve got something exciting for you that you’re going to want to binge all weekend. While many locations are getting colder and colder as we inch toward the winter season, you might be looking to find solace in watching shows and movies that take place on the beach, or more specifically the beautiful island of Fiji. Yes, we’re talking about Love Island USA season 1, which was recently added to Netflix!

The dramatic and addicting American version of the UK dating show premiered on CBS back in 2019 and it’s been a favorite ever since. Over the seasons, we’ve gotten to meet beloved contestants who we root for until the very end, cheeky players who might not be looking for anything serious, and even a few villains! Love Island USA season 1 is a really fun watch and based on the fact that it’s currently #5 on Netflix’s Top 10 shows, it’s clear people are loving it.

If you’ve already watched all the episodes of season 1 and want to know where the Love Island USA contestants are now, we have the details you need! Let’s dive into whether or not any of the couples from the premiere season are still going strong today.

Are Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber still together?

Elizabeth and Zac ended up being the winners of Love Island USA season 1, and they split the grand prize of $100,000 in the end. Though viewers believed they had a good shot of living happily ever after, that sadly did not happen. The two only dated for a couple of months after the show ended before calling it quits. They confirmed their breakup on Instagram.

Are Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart still together?

Runner-ups in season 1 were Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart, and they also decided to continue their relationship after the cameras stopped rolling. Unfortunately, however, they are no longer an item. The two confirmed their breakup on Instagram, with Dylan writing: “Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.”

Are Weston Richey and Emily Salch still together?

Contestants Weston and Emily also gave love a shot after their time on Love Island USA, and they actually seemed like a great match in the real world. However, E! News reported in 2022 that fans noticed Emily spent a Valentine’s Day alone and the two stopped posting about one another on social media. They never confirmed their split publicly, but we can assume they probably ended things.

Are Ray Gantt and Caro Viehweg still together?

Though many wanted Caro and Ray to make it after their time on Love Island USA, that just simply didn’t happen. The two parted ways, and Caro confirmed their breakup in a YouTube video in which she explained she didn’t think Ray was committed to her.

It’s always upsetting when your favorite TV couple calls it quits, but we hope these separations only led to better things for the reality stars!