10 Most Beautiful North Dakota Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

10 Most Beautiful North Dakota Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

North Dakota is one of the least places that would come to mind when talking about great beaches. Only grasslands cross our minds, mainly because the state is located in the Great Plains region of the United States. Its beautiful lakes and rivers, however, provide perfect beach destinations for vacationers. Plus, there is an incredible selection of vacation rentals along the lakes, offering an unforgettable experience of the water bodies. Here are the 10 most beautiful North Dakota beaches you shouldn’t miss.

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10/10 Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach

Beautifully seated along the banks of the spectacular Lake Metigoshe, Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach is one of the best North Dakota destinations that beach lovers can’t afford to miss. The beach is nestled in the middle of the Turtle Mountains, surrounded by crystal clear waters and some of the most breathtaking natural scenery. The gorgeous rolling hills and magnificent forests create an ideal photo-worthy spot for creating unforgettable family memories. There is a playground for children located close by.

9/10 Lake Renwick

Lake Renwick boasts some of the best North Dakota beaches one shouldn’t miss. The lake is known for its Pioneer Heritage Center, where travelers can get a glimpse of the area’s incredible history. Located in the Icelandic State Park, Lake Renwick’s beaches are some of the most swimmable and boast spectacular surroundings. A trip to this region is absolutely worth it, and strolling by the lake is definitely one of the best things to do in North Dakota, especially in summer.

8/10 Lewis And Clark State Park Beach

Lewis & State Park is located along Lake Sakakawea on one of its upper bays. The park has a beautiful shoreline with incredible surrounding views of the rolling hills. The park’s beach, which is only accessible during the day, is one of the most breathtaking in North Dakota. The beach is located along the park’s campground’s east shore, near the cabins. Kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, and snowshoeing are some of the best activities vacationers can enjoy on this beach, and equipment is available for rentals.

7/10 Johnson’s Beach

Located along Lake Sakakawea Johnson’s Beach boasts a mind-blowing environment with perfect sand. While the beach has as many amenities as other beaches, its natural beauty is one to die for. Being one of the most hidden places in North Dakota, it’s an excellent spot to find relaxation and peace of mind with friends or for a solo trip. It also provides room to enjoy fun watersports, including paddleboarding and kayaking. Johnson’s Beach is definitely worth exploring.

6/10 Devil’s Lake State Park Beaches

Covering 330 square miles, Devil’s Lake is North Dakota’s largest lake and has some of the prettiest sands in Devil’s Lake State Park. The spot is one of the most popular, especially among fishermen and travelers looking for a swimmable place in the state. The gorgeous sandy shoreline makes an excellent sunbathing destination. With lifeguards always on the watch, guarding visitors, this beach is the safest for families with kids. Plus, there is a play area for children to have fun and create memories.

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5/10 Lake Ashtabula

Lake Ashtabula offers plenty of recreational opportunities for travelers, including picnicking areas, boating, and of course, its three designated swimming areas that provide an excellent beach vacation experience. When visiting the lake or swimming in the designated spots, travelers can have an incredible chance of spotting pelicans, one of the most unique wildlife. There are 14 wildlife areas along this lake, giving tourists more opportunities for wildlife spotting.

4/10 Jamestown Reservoir Beach

At Jamestown Reservoir, vacationers have 45 miles of one of the most stunning shorelines in the state to explore. This reservoir boasts two incredible beach areas, which are open for public access, one situated along Lake Marina and the other one found on Pelican Point Campground on the west. The place is great for swimming, plus other recreational activities, such as hiking, biking, and fishing, at the pond located near Lake Marina.

3/10 Lake Tschida

Boasting 10 beautiful campgrounds, Lake Tschida is always an incredible destination, especially if visiting the Heart River region. It is most popular with hiking, boating, water skiing, picnicking, camping, and swimming in summer. The area has a perfect sandy shoreline with amazing facilities, including park benches, restrooms, and picnic shelters. Travelers can therefore have a beautiful stay along the swimming areas, and even enjoy exploring the nearby places, such as Abraham Lincoln State Park.

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2/10 Beaver Lake State Park Beach

Along the spectacular shores of Beaver Lake is Beaver Lake State Park Beach, one of the most beautiful North Dakota beaches. The beach boasts incredibly golden sands, crystal clear waters, and an open grassy spot where kids can play when not swimming at the beach. Beaver Lake State Park Beach is one of the best family-friendly destinations in North Dakota, as there are several fun activities for everyone, including canoeing, fishing, water skiing, and boating. The views of the surrounding are absolutely breathtaking!

1/10 Beaver Creek Recreation Area

Some people may mistake Beaver Lake State Park Beach for the one in Beaver Creek Recreation Area, but they are not the same. Located along the banks of the magnificent Lake Oahe, this beach is one of the most beautiful North Dakota Beaches and is popular for the plenty of fun recreation activities it offers for vacationers of all ages and interests. The shoreline has a beautiful playground for kids and amazing facilities, including picnic grills, restrooms, tables, clean showers, and restrooms.