10 Most Beautiful Mountain Towns In Mexico You Should Visit

10 Most Beautiful Mountain Towns In Mexico You Should Visit

Located south of the United States, Mexico is an incredible destination with plenty of fun things to offer. While it’s famous for incredible beaches, exotic food, vibrant cities, and an amazing culture, it is also home to numerous hidden bucket-list-worthy spots to explore. Perched into the mountains are some of the most stunning and colorful towns the world has ever seen. These charming towns are brimming with fascinating history, endless mountainous vistas, and plenty of Mexico’s ancient adventures, including ruins for hiking, climbing, and exploring the unknown. Here are the most beautiful mountain towns in Mexico to visit.

10 Tepoztlan, Morelos

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Tepozteco, within the national park of the same name, Tepoztlan is one of the most beautiful mountain towns to visit in Mexico. This place has a lot of fascinating historical tales and beliefs, including the fact that it is the birthplace of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Some people believe that UFOs fly over this stunning town. The town’s cobblestone streets are the places to discover the local artists and craftsmen. Weekends are the perfect times to catch some of the best performances and displays of spectacular arts and crafts, many of which honor the pre-Hispanic cultures. There is also a crafts market to explore.

  • Must-see sights:
    Former Convent of the Nativity, Carlos Pellicer Pre-Hispanic Art Museum

9 San Cristobal De Las Casas, Chiapas

Seated in a magnificent highland valley in Chiapas’ southern side, San Cristobal de Las Casas is considered the cultural capital of the state. The town is full of cobblestone streets and colorful buildings, many of which date back to the colonial period, and has managed to retain the charm. It is an incredible place to relax and connect with the amazing local culture. Vacationers can always visit the open-air markets and learn a few words. One of the most iconic things to see here is the Santo Domingo church, one of the most significant Baroque churches in Latin America, and it’s seated right in the middle of the town.

  • Must-see sights
    : Santo Domingo church, Iglesia de Guadeloupe

8 San Sebastián Del Oeste

From scenic countryside to fascinating history to incredible culture and a small traditional town charm, a visit to San Sebastian del Oeste is always worth it. Its proximity to Puerto Vallarta make sit a fantastic day trip from the city. The town has several buildings dating back to colonial times and is surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and open fields, giving visitors plenty of outdoor opportunities to explore.

San Sebastian del Oeste is also home to ancient haciendas that have gone through incredible restoration work, making this town continue thriving. The ancient buildings have also been transformed into beautiful hotels and eateries that welcome tourists to Mexico in style. Escape the beaches in Puerto Vallarta and explore one of the most beautiful mountain towns in Mexico.

Located only about one and a half hours from Puerto Vallarta, San Sebastian del Oeste makes a perfect day trip from the city, with plenty of things to see and do.

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7 Bernal, Querétaro

Founded in 1642, Bernal is a colonial mountain town in the Mexican state of Queretaro, boasting just over 4,000 permanent residents. This town is home to plenty of Mexico’s iconic attractions, including Pena de Bernal, one of the most beautiful pueblos magicos in the country. Mexico is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the continent, but the monolith of Bernal, the largest in the country, is definitely one of the most breathtaking.

Bernal is a perfect day trip from the city of Queretaro, located about 40 minutes away, and Mexico City, situated about two hours and thirty minutes.

6 Zacatlan De Las Manzanas, Puebla

Located in the beautiful region of Puebla in central Mexico, Zacatlan is a charming small mountain town known for being one of the top winter destinations, especially in January and February. The town is home to plenty of iconic museums, including Museo del Reloj and Museo de Relojeria Alberto Olvera Hernandez. Vacationers can also explore some of the most stunning murals by talented local artists at Los Murals de Zacatlan.

5 Malinalco

Dating back to the pre-Hispanic period, Malinalco is one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico to visit and its beauty and historical value put it on the list of ‘Mexican Magical Towns.’ It is famous for its incredible ruins of Cuahtinchan, one of the top-rated ruins in Mexico to visit. This was once a site for bloody rituals and a training spot for warriors. One of the things not to miss in this charming town is the Museo Vivo, boasting an incredible collection of exotic bugs, butterflies, and some of the rarest plants in the country. The town’s food culture is another thing not to miss.

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4 Creel, Chihuahua

Creel is a charming mountain town, whose communities mainly comprise native Americans. Located in the Sierra Madre Occidental, this town is a perfect destination for nature lovers, history buffs, shopping enthusiasts, and even foodies since the food culture is one to die for. Creel is the best town to stay when visiting the famous Copper Canyons. This offers plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and climbing opportunities for outdoorsy travelers. In this magical town, vacationers get to learn about the amazing Raramuri culture, including some of their most impressive arts and crafts.

  • Must visit sights within and nearby
    : Copper Canyons, Arte Sacro Museum

3 Real De Catorce

Real de Catorce gained popularity during the silver discovery that brought thousands of people around. This town is considered one of the most sacred, and lucky tourists can catch native Huichols making a yearly pilgrimage. Plenty of ghost sightings of the ancient miners have been reported, and stories of ghost gatherings in an abandoned tunnel near the old mines. Looking for places for unraveling the mysteries of Mexico, a creative travel adventure for the curious soul awaits in this town. It is also surrounded by several peaks to explore. It’s also brimming with beautiful ancient churches, and a museum, El Palenque, where tourists can learn about the town’s history.

2 Taxco, Guerrero

Located in the state of Guerrero, Taxco is a beautiful, charming mountain town known for being a silver mining spot in the past. While things have greatly changed in recent years, the town is still recognized for its incredible connection with silver, including jewelry. It boasts steep cobblestone streets, stunning Spanish colonial architecture, and several colorful buildings dating back to colonial times. Travelers can visit its museums, explore the local arts and crafts, and explore authentic silverware, including jewelry – and even some to take home.

  • Must-see sights:
    Christ the Redeemer Statue, Museo de la Plateria

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1 Huasca De Ocampo, Hidalgo

Huasca de Ocampo is one of the most beautiful mountain towns in Mexico, with plenty of natural landscapes, colorful buildings, an incredible culture, a bustling arts scene, and some of the most enchanting streets and vibrant festivals in Mexico. The culinary scene is also fantastic, and vacationers can try several authentic dishes. Located on the northeastern tip of the Sierra de Pachuca, Huasca de Ocampo was the first town in Hidalgo to be included in the list of Magical Towns. The goal was to promote its culinary and arts scenes, natural attractions, stunning architecture, and ancient haciendas.