10 Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Barbados

10 Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Barbados

The beautiful beaches in Barbados are some of its most appealing attractions. The island country has a lot of them and many are characterized by pristine white sand and mesmerizing turquoise water. Some even feature rocky shores and surrounding forest areas which make them even more unique.

To get the best out of a visit to Barbados, these beaches are worth visiting as they offer natural scenery and opportunities for adventures.

10/10 Bottom Bay Beach

Bottom Bay beach is a scenic beach located on the south coast of Barbados. The beach is characterized by beautiful white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water. It is also surrounded by tall coral cliffs and palm trees.

While the waves are strong and not so ideal for swimming, the atmosphere at the beach is serene which makes it a great place to enjoy a picnic.

9/10 Folkestone Beach

The gentle waves at Folkestone Beach have made it a great place for all kinds of water activities including swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

When it comes to natural scenery, this beach comes with soft golden sand, surrounding trees, turquoise waters, and unique black rocks. The beach also features a boardwalk where vacationers can walk and get the best views of the beach.

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8/10 Brandons Beach

Brandons Beach combines serenity with natural scenery to make it one of the best beaches in the country. Located on the west coast of Barbados, this beach features calm turquoise water, white sands, and surrounding trees.

This beach also offers amazing snorkeling and swimming opportunities due to its calm waters. The beach is also a great place to set up a beach lounger and just relax and watch the boats and other adventurers do their thing on the calm water.

The sunsets here are also some of the best in the world as they are calm and enchanting.

7/10 Drill Hall Beach

Drill Hall Beach is one of three beaches located at Needham Point. It is the southernmost of the three beaches, and it is a great place to enjoy surfing and swimming.

The sand at this beach is golden, and the water comes with a turquoise color. Behind the beach, there are plenty of trees that create the perfect shade for relaxation away from the sun.

6/10 Silver Sands Beach

The powdery white sand and the turquoise waters of this beach are some of its unique qualities but besides those, it is a great place for a wide range of exciting adventures.

The winds and waves of the water at this beach are strong and these combine to create opportunities for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing. The beach is also surrounded by beautiful trees which add more natural beauty to the area.

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5/10 Dover Beach

Dover Beach comes with natural beauty and a vibrant atmosphere. Here, one will be met with plenty of hotels, restaurants, and attractions such as Needham’s Point Lighthouse, Christ Church, and Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

The beach features soft golden sand which is great to walk on and the waters allow lots of activities from swimming to snorkeling, windsurfing, and kayaking.

At Dover beach, everything one needs to stay comfortable while enjoying the water activities are located right on the beach.

4/10 Paynes Bay Beach

Paynes Bay Beach welcomes visitors to enjoy relaxation and natural scenery as it features soft golden sands, calm turquoise waters, and plenty of shady trees.

While one can just set up a beach chair and enjoy the natural scenery, the calm waters invite adventurers to come to enjoy swimming, sailing, jet skiing, and some of the best snorkeling in the world.

3/10 Crane Beach

Crane Beach is known as one of the world’s best beaches for several reasons. Besides featuring crystal clear turquoise waters and soft white sands, this beach is also surrounded by lush forest areas and stunning cliffs.

Just sitting on a beach chair and watching the waters go back and forth is an experience that will stick to the memory.

To make a vacation here even more exciting, one can sunbathe, or take a hike along the surrounding cliffs. The Crane hotel is located on this beach and there are a few restaurants and bars here as well.

2/10 Bath Beach

Bath Beach is a hidden gem on the east coast of Barbados that features calm waters, and surrounding large Casuarina trees that provide good protection from the sun.

Water activities such as diving and snorkeling are popular here as the waters are protected by offshore coral reefs.

Bath beach is also a great place for kayaking and the surrounding forest area offers opportunities for nature walks.

1/10 Pebbles Beach

The appeal of Pebbles beach lies in its soft white sand and calm turquoise water. On the calm water, one will enjoy plenty of activities such as kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling.

Sailing is also very popular here and it is a great way to see Barbados from the water.

Whether one chooses to relax on a beach chair under the trees, engage in some water activities, or just take a walk on the soft white sand, every moment spent here promises to be unforgettable and filled with scenery.